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combined into a bespoke curated package

During our chemistry connection session, we delve into the depths of your soul to unveil your deepest heartfelt desires. With this profound understanding, we meticulously curate a tailor-made program that harmonises with your unique journey, empowering you to cultivate the essential inner resources necessary to embark on a remarkable voyage towards a truly fulfilling existence.

Multi-disciplinary Team collaborations

In addition to offering individual support and guidance, I am also available for collaboration with multidisciplinary teams, retreat centres, and clinics. I believe in the power of collective wisdom and the benefits of working in collectively with diverse professionals. Together, we can create holistic and comprehensive programs that integrate psychosynthesis principles, spiritual emergence support, and Grofian therapeutic modalities. If you are a retreat centre or clinic seeking to enhance your offerings with a focus on spiritual integration and personal growth, I would be delighted to work with you.

In times of internal or external shifts, it is paramount that we come together as a community to support one another to enhance our ability to hold space for individuals during their journeys, facilitating deep healing, transformation, and resilience.

"Open and sensuous, inviting and playful, wise with an ease and grace of holding; Basia radiates a depth of presence that’s embodied and cellular… and is catchy! She enables both seeing & being seen, feeling & being felt, through her explorative nature within her radical acceptance and love. Basia’s awe and curiosity of living leaves an echo and dance within me. I feel blessed for the moments spent and those to come; the curious nature, open and continuing. Basia resounds safety and grounding whilst twinkling with otherworldly knowing and a lightness of being - smiling from heart and depth of awareness. May you ignite many hearts, through the continual expression and exploration of your own and the sense of the unified sacred heart." 

Artist, creatirix & shamanic practitioner

Basia Zieniewicz

[email protected]