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Intelligence comes with sensitivity and observation.

~ J Krishnamurti

Advanced PGDip Integrative Art Therapy

BEd Secondary Arts Education & Special Needs

Qualified Yoga Teacher; Unity | Traditional Vedic | Yoga Nidra | Trauma Sensitive

Psychosynthesis Leadership Coach; PGDip in progress, Team & Group, EMCC Accredited

Beckley Med & Stan Grof® Breathwork & Psychedelic Psychotherapy Trainee, 3rd year in progress

PG Professional Certification Psychedelics, Altered States & Transpersonal Psychology, under Dr David Luke

Shamanic Eastern European Women's Initiations & Practices

EMBA Strategic Leadership in progress

Level III Integrative Somatic Parts Work

Compassionate Inquiry

Reiki II

My work draws from the above approaches. 

Welcome to my realm of transformation and self-discovery. I am Basia Zieniewicz, a qualified pedagogue, accredited psychosynthesis holistic coach, as well as yoga teacher with a deep commitment to personal development as an ongoing student, currently in my second year of three under Stan Grof's Legacy Training in psychedelic and breathwork therapy. 

My journey began as a school art teacher specialising in Special Educational Needs, where I gained intimate knowledge of the challenges faced by individuals with severe behavioural, emotional, and learning difficulties. This ignited my fascination with the systemic nature of these challenges, both at the individual and societal levels.

Driven by a belief in the boundless potential within each of us, I embarked on a five-year sabbatical quest, exploring the world and discovering my own path. Along the way, I engaged with impactful initiatives globally, lending my skills as a photographer and deepening my understanding of personal growth, cultural shifts, and the values that shape our experiences.

With a diverse background that includes campaigning in the medical cannabis sector, supporting individuals' agency of their health, advocating for psycho-social reform, and curating creative arts happenings and guerrilla spectacles, I bring unconventional and academic knowledge to my holistic coaching practice. Rooted in conventional and academic knowledge, I also actively cultivate a trusting relationship to intuitive perceptions and esoteric practices, daily discovering what the balance may entail. I combine multidisciplinary approaches, including the arts, conscious body-mind balancing, transpersonal dimensions, and plant medicine reverence, to guide individuals towards their Whole Exquisite Self.

As a co-founder of a yoga hub in East London, Yoga In The Stars, I enjoy to create a sacred space where individuals can explore their practice, foster community, and cultivate a deep connection to our home planet. Curating an inclusive environment that embraces diverse mystical traditions and emphasises the transformative power of philosophies, myths, rituals and somatic awareness as a path of self-discovery and self-realisation.

Together, we can unlock the treasures of your being, embrace the magic of your essence, and explore the limitless possibilities of your holistic well-being towards your Whole Exquisite Self. Each person is considered in their individual needs, circumstances and wholeness. The most important quality for relating to your experiences and your inner world without judgement, will be our shared commitment to this process with curious attention. 

Basia Zieniewicz

[email protected]